Course overview

eSTICC provides joint PhD courses, summer schools, workshops and cross-border integration of PhD projects and PostDoc activities within the eSTICC framework. All the participants in eSTICC can participate in courses provided by eSTICC members.

Organizer* Course name Credits (ECTS) Time**
HU Advanced analysis of atmospheric processes and feedbacks and biosphere-atmosphere interactions 5 15.-26.3. 2016
HU Atmospheric Aerosol Physics, Measurement, and Sampling 3 TBA
HU Formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols 5 15.-26.8.2016
HU Laboratory Course in Numerical Meteorology (NumLab) 5 January-April every year
HU, SU and MetNo Advanced methodologies for data analysis 5 Module I: August 2017 (Abisko, Sweden), Module II: March 2018 (Oslo, Norway), Module III: October 2018 (Hyytiälä, Finland)
HU and FMI INES-ENES Earth System Modelling summer school 5 8.-23.6.2016
UiO Cryospheric modelling 5 Spring 2016
UiO Remote sensing 5 Spring 2016
UiO Statistical and Stochastic Methods in Hydrology 10 Autumn 2016
SU Aerosols, clouds and climate 15 Autumn 2016
SU Introduction to climate modelling 5+5 Module I: 23.-27.11.2015 and November 2016, Module II: 29.2.-18.3.2016
UICE Parallel programming and access to the Nordic High Performance Computing Facility TBA
UICE A module on training of workflow tools TBA
CSC Introduction to parallel Programming 19.-21.10.2016
CSC High performance geocomputing workshop 25.10.2016
CSC Scientific visualization with ParaView and VTK 9.-10.11.2016
CSC Data intensive analysis with R 17.-18.11.2016
CSC Elmer/Ice beginner course (University of Oslo) 3.10.-2.11.2016
CSC Advanced Elmer/Ice course (UJF, Grenoble) 10.11.-2.12.2015
CSC Introduction to Accelerators 14-16.4.2015
CSC Introduction to Linux 1.-2.10.2015
CSC Introduction to C programming 6.-8.10.2015
CSC Advanced Linux 26.-27.10.2015
CSC CSC summer school in high-performance computing 26.6.-3.7.2016

* HU = University of Helsinki, UiO = University of Oslo, SU = Stockholm University, UICE = University of Iceland, CSC = IT Center for Science Ltd.

** TBA = To be announced


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